All-Inclusive Services For Residential Roofing Systems

Opening our doors in 1996 has given us over 23 years in the residential roofing business as a licensed, bonded and insured group of well-versed tradesman, dedicated to staying up to date on all new and improved tools, methods and materials. Honest work and honest prices are another way we prove our ethic and earn the trust and satisfaction of our clients, which is a very important matter for our company.

Although our services cover residential new build roofing, our services extend to pre-existing homes and include inspection, repair, replacement, re-roofing, maintenance, and upgrades. Say for instance your home is a bit older and you start to notice that your shingles are slipping off when it's windy outside, and you have a couple of leaks when it rains, not to mention its curb appeal isn't as great as it used to be. Give us a call and we will get a professional roofer out to do a thorough inspection to determine the necessary repairs for your residential roof. Even if determined that your roof requires a full overhaul, not a problem! That is something we are very experienced with and will take care of efficiency and at an affordable price.

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New Residential Roofing Services

Assessments | Installations | Construction | Designs | Layouts | Mapping Inspections

Our residential roofing services extend to new builds as well as pre-existing homes. If you find yourself in need of professional roofers during a new build/construction, then Detail Roofing & Sheet Metal have your back. Our many new build residential roofing services include full assessments, installation, construction, design, layout and mapping inspections. Oftentimes when you enlist the help of a home construction company, some zones are not covered by their service range and requires the help of tradesmen.

Residential Roofing Types Covered

Flat | Shake | Tile | Slate | Metal | Single-Ply | TPO | EDM | Modified Bitumen | GAF

Having opened our doors in 1996, we are no strangers to the many roofing types encountered in this trade and possess all of the necessary knowledge and skills required to complete all client requests. These roofing types include but are not limited to: flat, slate, tile, metal, shingle, single-ply, TPO, EDM, modified bitumen, GAF, wood shake, etc. We are also proud to say that all of these roofing types qualify for not only repairs but regular maintenance, installation, and replacement/conversion/upgrade.

Existing Residential Roofing Services

Repairs | Replacements | (Re)Reoofing | Upgrades | Maintenance | Inspections

We offer our residential roofing services to pre-existing homes. If your home has started to exhibit possible signs of needing roofing repairs, replacements, (re)-roofing, upgrades, or maintenance, we would be glad to send a professional out to do a full inspection of your roof. If the inspection determines that your roof requires our professionalism, we offer full and or partial roofing system services to better meet your needs and budget.


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